Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Signs of Spring in my Garden

The weather was finally nice last weekend so I did some yard work.

I raked the leaves off my flower beds and exposed some signs of spring.

My black hollyhocks which stayed green all winter.

Daffodils waiting to pop in the front flower bed.

Native daylilies wait for no one!

Tulips and daylilies and someone needs to mulch...oh my!

This yarrow is greening up and sent out a few volunteers a few feet away.

All volunteers are welcome in my garden!

Happy Gardening!

The Lazy Gardener 


  1. I love the new beginnings of Spring...so exciting to see the bulbs popping back up!Thanks for sharing...have a great day!!

  2. Perfect signs of spring!Thanks for sharing.Have a great day!


  3. That looks about the same as my gardens. Wasn't it nice to get outside this past weekend and play in the dirt?

  4. Spring has sprung at your place. How exciting?
    Puts a song in my heart. Oh no, I hope I don't get Spring fever.
    JM Illinois

  5. I love seeing these signs of spring. At my house, the red winged blackbirds have returned. Those are a sure sign of spring to me.

  6. looks like spring isn't far away after all.. I can't wait to see those black hollyhocks..
    hugs, Cherry