Saturday, February 9, 2013

Top 5 Favorite Flower Catalogs

The flower catalogs are mailing out and I’m thinking of the flowers that will soon come up in my garden. I’m wondering what survived the cold and squirrels and moles or which flowers just didn’t have the will to go on or had a lack of survival skills necessary to make it in my carefree garden.

I guess what I am truly thinking of is what can I plant this year? What do I need to replace? Can I squeeze any more flowers into existing beds? Or, should I create another flower bed?

All of this thinking leads me to the flower catalogs that have been showing up in my mailbox. I can't wait to open my mailbox to see what catalog came today! I will dog-ear the pages, circle and star my selections, then deconstruct those glorious flower catalogs until I find just the right plantings for my garden.

Winter is the perfect time to dream and plan for spring planting.

Here is my list of top 5 flower catalogs.


This catalog has a huge variety of beautiful flowers from perennials to roses, climbing flowering vines to low blooming ground covers, plus flowering trees and shrubs, this catalog is all-inclusive. Plus they have catalogs just for day lilies and irises.


Not only is this catalog filled with stunning roses, it also has beautiful perennials and flowering shrubs too. But the roses…awww…the roses are breath-taking! Floribunda’s, Grandiflora’s, tree roses and hege roses and so many more.


This online catalog is loaded with stunning peonies of every variation. It is has sections by bloom time, A-Z peonies, rare peonies, award winners, heirloom, cottage garden peonies and more. I like to think of them as the keepers of all peonies.


This catalog has the most stunning roses ever created. It is filled with full, lush, gorgeous rose bushes, tea roses, climbers, ramblers, tree roses, hedge roses, even roses for pots. What is not to love?

Drum roll please.....


This catalog really gets me excited about flowers. Their selection is amazing and filled with unique flowers (like the ice plant above!). They really understand color combinations which are enhanced by their wonderful photos. The potted annual collections are truly inspirational!

Now go order some catalogs!

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